Our current programs

Asthma Community Linkages Program (ACLP)

Comite Civico del Valle, Inc. is working with the Imperial County Asthma Community Linkages Program and it is funded by the Imperial County Local Health Authority Commission. CCV partnered with Pioneers Memorial Health Care District to implement the Asthma Management Program. The Asthma Management Program (AMP) is comprised of a series of clinically-connected, three one-hour-long home-based community asthma self-management education sessions and environmental trigger reduction assessment and remediation, along with supporting communications to engage referred patients. AMP aims to reduce the burden of asthma to uncontrolled asthma patients in Imperial County. AMP self-management education program aims to implement a community health worker or Asthma educator program. The program provides self-management asthma education with an emphasis on air quality environmental focus, a home-based multi-trigger, multi-component education and awareness program with an environmental focus for children, adolescents and adults with asthma in Imperial County. The Home Visitation (HV) program aims to help them identify and mitigate hazards at home and their immediate outdoor environment.