Comite Civico Del Valle

Welcome to CCV!

Comite Civico Del Valle, Inc (CCV) was founded in 1987 in Imperial County, California with the endeavor of improving the lives of low-income families through a broad range of approaches including civic classes and community participation in research projects.

Our Mission:

"To improve access to healthcare, information, and prevention programs to low-income, underrepresented, and underserved community members in Imperial County by way of education, capacity building, and civic participation."

The focus of CCV has evolved since its inception to include advocacy through resident education and participation in research projects. This model of advocacy has proven efficient given the growing amount of civic interest in community well-being. This groundswell in community interest culminates at CCV's annual Imperial County Environmental Health Leadership Summit. Here, our vision to live in a healthy, prosperous, and informed community becomes more attainable.

Our Motto: Informed people create healthy communities.

The IVAN Environmental Monitoring System

CCV is proud to lead fellow partnering agencies in the effort to deter environmental violations through innovation, technology, and community involvement using the IVAN system... read more